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汇丰彩票开户  Civil class:

  In 1, for personal, family, marriage, inheritance of sale and rental housing, mortgage lending, tort, legal advice, partnership, legal advice, drafting, review, sign contracts and agreements; deal with disputes.

  In 2, traffic, medical accident, work-related injury personal damage compensation;

  3, real estate transactions, leasing, mortgage; lawyers paternity purchase real estate;

  4, marriage, inheritance, household division;

  5, insurance claims;

  6, portrait, reputation, honor tort;

  7, litigation, arbitration, conciliation, mediation, negotiation, drafting, review the contract, agreement, wills and other legal documents;

  8, lawyers for witnesses, notary agent business;

汇丰彩票开户  9, issued a letter;

  10 other citizens, legal services。

  Business class:

  1, as the company's business or project specific legal adviser:

  2, litigation, arbitration, mediation, negotiation, conciliation, executive;

  In 3, contract negotiation, contract to study the subject qualifications, credit and property investigation;

汇丰彩票开户  4, on behalf of the drafting, review, revise, entered into a contract, providing legal advice; to accept the contract dispute commissioned by the parties, the arbitration or litigation agent, collection claims (accounts receivable ), issued a letter;

汇丰彩票开户  5, to provide real estate development, land development and transfer, construction, engineering ( hair ) package, the commercial housing mortgage, sale, leasing, sales, property management and other aspects of witness, agents and other legal services;

  6, other corporate legal services。

汇丰彩票开户  Criminal type:

  In 1, the investigation stage acceptance of criminal suspects and their families to entrust, interview guilty suspect, to provide legal advice, acting appeal, accuse; the criminal suspect in custody, to apply for bail;

  In 2, the stage of review and prosecution for criminal suspects and their families of the Commission, as the defender of the criminal suspect, consult, extract, copy the case material, interview guilty suspect, investigate and collect relevant materials of the case, put forward opinions to accept the defense; and his legal representatives or near relatives, the party in an incidental civil action or statutory agent, close relatives of the Commission serves as an agent ad litem, consult, extract, copy the case material, the investigation and collection of relevant materials of the case, put forward opinions of agent;

  In 3, the trial stage as the defender of the defendant, review jurisdiction, consult, extract, copy the case material, meet the defendant, defence, puts forward an argument, appeal; as victims and criminal private prosecution of the litigation agent, consult, extract, copy the case material, investigation and evidence collection, identification, application to participate in the trial, adducing evidences, debate, published agent advice, appeal.

  4, other criminal legal services。

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